Kayaking the St Joseph River – Bruce Trek

Kayaking the St Joseph River

Sometimes a great adventure is waiting right in your back yard. That was the case on this day. Sheer beauty and peace was right there waiting for us on the St. Joseph river, all we had to do was take the time to jump in.

St. Joseph River

My family came out to visit here in Southwest Michigan, and the week was full of flying kites with the kids, buzzing around on the atv, eating great food, some board games, football, tennis, eating great food, and when time permitted, eating great food.

As a family, we are spread out all over the country. Some in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Washington, so it is not often we all get together in one spot. Needless to say, most of the week was spent just hanging out spending time together.

And mostly, just relaxing.

Relaxing in the yard

But the last day, my brother and I were able to get out on the river for a couple hours. The St. Joseph river runs right behind my house and we grabbed a couple end-of-season-sale kayaks this year to be able to take advantage of the location. Summer craziness (including my 3 year old breaking his arm) prevented me from getting out on the water all that much, so when I got the opportunity to head out in October with my brother, I was pumped.

After finding our sea legs by getting off the shore and into the kayaks it was a pretty peaceful ride. No white water rapids or crazy near-death experiences this time, but a memorable adventure just the same. 

Kayaking on the St. Joseph River

This experience continued the lesson I've been learning this year, sometimes adventure is just waiting for you in your back yard (or river). Sometimes, all you have to do is make the time to jump in.

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