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Hanging up my boots

(Listen to These Boots while reading and turn up to 11.)

Laces and lace hooks are busted, soles are worn, toes are shot. It's time to hang up my boots.

Boot laces

This Winter is the end of the road for these trusty Carhartt boots. Typically not something I'd write words about, but these guys have been with me for quite a while and have gone on a good many trips with me.

I've had these boots for about 8 years and other than the lace hooks slowly snapping over the years until I have none left, they have not let me down.

I hiked Angel's Landing in Utah in these (and took photos with a disposable camera #facepalm).

Angel's Landing

It's a terrifying experience with 1,200 foot drops on one side of the hike and 800 foot drops on the other at points. That was probably the first longer hike I did in these boots, and my feet didn't thank me for that later.

Big Bear in California was a popular destination for several trips with these underfoot. 

I took these boots to the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah. Outdoor adventure isn't necessarily the first thing you think of when thinking of Sundance. But it was in the single digits most of the week I was there, and the drive there and back was perilous as I drove through the mountains. At one point I tried to pass a VW Beetle in the snow with my RWD F150 and ended up perpendicular to the way I wanted to be driving. I slowed down a notch after that.

These boots went with me to Soldotna, Alaska and up the West coast through British Columbia and the Yukon (a story for another time). 

They travelled with me to North central Washington where I worked on a farm for a Summer.

Countless hikes back in the Midwest were had with these companions, and they kept me dry and warm for the most part. The toes started to crack a little bit when we left Iowa, took a good 3 or 4 more years for those to really fail on me.

Boot toe

When we headed out East, these boots came with me. In Virginia they helped me tame the wild jungle of my back yard, and came with on our trip to Shenandoah. I spent a birthday hiking around in these boots at Bull Run in the rain.

And now they made it with me to Michigan, where they've seen some serious snow, (and sledding).

Well, I'm not a boot expert and replacing these was a little daunting considering they lasted over 8 years. Sierra Trading Post is a wonderful place, and I highly recommend them. I decided to go with some Alico boots and I've had them now for about a month. So far so good, obviously only time will really tell. They're super comfortable and from what I can tell, very well made.

Give our Youtube page a subscribe and I'll let you know in about a year or so what my verdict is on these. They have some pretty big... shoes to fill.




Allan James

Fun Story. I imagine that in the long run……good hiking boots……are more important than………good baseball cleats……and probably more useful than just about any other kind of footwear. I am needing another pair as well….so will check out your recommendation. Thanks!


Love this!! In the market for some new boots myself! I’ll have to give these a look!

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