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Go conquer that mountain

Sometimes you just need to "STOP," and go conquer that mountain right in front of your face. This story captures a big piece of what we're all about here at Bruce Trek: never stop looking for adventure. It doesn't have to be climbing K2, or bobsledding in the Amazon, just go find adventure and seize the moment. It's always out there, sometimes it isn't convenient, sometimes it means making time that isn't there. In this case it meant taking a U-turn and conquering the mountain in the rearview mirror.

By Nancy Walker

We took a winding road curving this way and that, when all of a sudden I saw it: a "mountain" just calling us to come climb it!

Waving at the top of a mountain

Alas, we were going too fast and passed it, but I shouted that we needed to STOP and go conquer that "mountain!" So our driver slammed on the brakes, did a U-turn in a precarious spot, and headed back. The driver agreed to photograph our ascent.

We had waited ALL DAY for this moment!

I sent the younger climber up first. Though she was not wearing Bruce Trek approved hiking boots, she somehow managed to reach the summit.

Not hiking boots

When I reached the top, I remembered that I do not really like heights, so I asked her to hold my hand so I wouldn't topple over the edge. But there was the thrill of reaching the "summit" that brought smiles to our faces.

After enjoying the beautiful view, with reluctance, we decided we needed to descend and head back to our home base. We came, we saw, we conquered. Then...we viewed the photographs...and... we...laughed...all the way home. Who cares about the size of the mountain if you can have lots of fun climbing it?

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