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Adventure Around the Globe: YES, HE DID STRANGLE A LION

Can't beat this story today:

"A Colorado jogger strangled a juvenile mountain lion in the foothills of..."

Wait, I'm sorry WHAT?! Yes, you read that right, a jogger strangled a mountain lion. So here's this guy, just trying to stay in shape, when wouldn't you know it - he gets attacked by a mountain lion. Now, for most of us that's game over. But not for this Colorado jogger, it was game on. He ended up heading to the hospital with some serious injuries, but... you should see the other guy.


"The mountain won."

Ever heard of Mt Aconcagua, in Argentina? Neither had we until we came across Sam Hayes. She attempted to climb the 6962m mountain at the start of January, and had to turn back less than 300m from the summit. The altitude and brutal cold ended up forcing her to turn back early, but her story is an incredibly compelling one that reminds us not all adventures end the way we want them to or are the great success stories we hope for. We will definitely be following Sam to hear how her next climb goes.


"I got half way up, about 15 feet, and I started to freak out"

Did you know that rock climbing can be done competitively? It has been a competitive sport for many years but is slowly climbing its way into the limelight. It is even getting air time on ESPN these days! There is a huge national championship competition going on this weekend in Bend, Or. Check out these articles and sites for more info on these events going on now.


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