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Starting off your Wednesday with some good news for Indiana:

"Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore has officially been designated Indiana Dunes National Park. It is Indiana’s first national park and the 61st in the United States."

For all us Midwesterners this is some fun news. The Indiana Dunes is now a National Park. On February 15th the news was announced by a few state and federal lawmakers that a years-long bipartisan effort to designate the Dunes as a National Park had finally been accomplished. The new designation should encourage some more adventurers and beach-goers to come enjoy the 15,000 acres in the Indiana Dunes National Park.


"the first skier in history to win four straight world titles in the same discipline."

All she does is win. Mikaela Shiffrin can slalom better than anyone, and she proved it again by winning her fourth straight world championship. This is the first time anyone has won gold four times in a row, the next closest record was when Christl Cranz won four non-consecutive championships in the '30's. Mikaela, who now has 56 overall World Cup Victories is still well behind Lindsey Vonn's (82) and Ingenmar Stenmark (86). The difference, and another impressive note, is that Mikaela has done this in just 9 years, and is the first to win 4 in a row. Oh, and she was battling a cold and running out of oxygen while still beating the Silver medalist by nearly a second. Think about that the next time you're running out of gas on the last run of the day.


"He’s been to more than 120 countries..."

Tony Giles is on a mission to travel the world. He is setting out to visit every country on the planet, and he has already been to over 120 countries. Tony prefers to travel alone, as he finds he can better interact with more people in the country he is traveling through. Most recently he visited Israel and checked off country 124 on his way to the 195 countries on the planet. Oh by the way, he is completely blind and severely deaf in both ears.


"The trend for winter dipping has taken off in the past year"

Apparently the polar plunge is pretty popular across the pond. 10 years ago the Outdoor Swimming Society had around 200 members, today it has 70,000. Swimming. Outside. In Winter? Sound fun? Ok crazy person, maybe you need to join a Wild Swim Group in the UK. (Coldest swim I've ever experienced was Lake Muncho in the Yukon in May). You can actually hire someone to take you on one of these swimming tours, so next time you're on vacation or decide heli-skiing just isn't cutting it anymore, maybe you need to consider a Winter swim.


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